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70cm x 60cm



Photography Inkjet INA Cotton Rag Paper






This work belongs to the series "An alternate Reality". Other works from this series can be seen in my gallery and store.



This photo displays on the reflecting, curved side of a vase the inside of a museum, gallery, or private house. The use of almost a monochromatic colour -grays and blacks- dramatises a scene where people walk around, like automats, under the ceiling's neon lights on whites and blacks, putting forward an unwrapping world of distorted images, where figures glide like ghosts. 


It is an approach to abstraction through the depiction of reality. Through the study and analysis of the serpentine reflection created by the neonlight and the figures on the curved side of the surface, the artist plays with movement, the object itself, the lights, shadows and  texture to recreate a world that sends back maybe the real image that is hidden from our eyes.



Signed, referenced and stamped on the back.

A distorted world


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