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75cm x 52cm



Acrylics, pencil and pastel on paper.






This work occurs within a series "The Beauty of Men". Other works from this series can be seen in my gallery and store.



This is an allegory about lust and passion. The artist has chosen an androgynous figure of a young man to depict the emotion. The young male lies on a white couch that becomes darker and watery as it flees into the night scene and blends with the horizon to become the skyline, where thunderous clouds are gathering. He holds a mirror that appears from under the heavy, red curtain and reflects no image. He seems to be lost in his thoughts while holding the mirror. He is the typical example of the new masculinity : androgyne, metrosexual. He no longer wears masculine attributes -strength, brutality- in an ostentatious way; but, expresses rather in a very subtle way the beauty of his quality and self. He is delicate, intelligent, aware of his surroundings, respectful.


The male qualities are inferred and expressed through the heavy, red  curtain and the dark, thunderous night and horizon to dramatise to the highest the intensity of the moment.



Signed, referenced and stamped on the back.

L'Amant: La Vanité du Désir (The Lover: The Vanity of Desire)


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