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76cm x 57cm.



Acrylics on paper.






This work belongs to the series "From the orangery". Other works from this series can be seen in my gallery and store.



This is a still life acrylic painting on paper. Color, light and texture play the main role to portray a realistic scene, where the red texture and its emboidery  and the oranges on the green ceramic bowl become senusal objects that the viewer wants to grab. It portrays the contrast between different textures creating a unique, sensual scene, where the viewer wants to grab the elements forming the hyper-realistic, quiet scene. 


This work uses a technique that was first used in the time of the ancient Roman Empire, now called "Trompe-l'oeil" meaning the painting is no longer flat and the observer believes he actually can hold the object within the painting.



Signed, referenced and stamped on the back.



    Shipping: Usually within 5-10 business days*

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    Ships From: EU or USA.

    Frame Options:

    *Framing may add up to 20 business days to shipping time. This is required as your original artwork will b framed in quality wooden frames by skilled craftspeople.

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