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46cm x 38cm



Acrylics, pencil and pigments on silk paper glued on canvas.






This work occurs within the series "An Alternate Reality". Other works from this series can be seen in my gallery and store.



This is forth  panel of five paintings that deal with a false perspective on a flat surface. The question is how to achieve depth only with the juxtaposition of two colors on a flat surface. The five panels render the evolution of an art piece.


The unique feature of this painting is the false perspectice on the flat surface. The angle is achieved only by the contrast of the blues against the white creams, the whole resting on the currugated dark surface. The five panels follow the evolution of the the creation of piece of Art.



Signed, referenced and stamped on the back.

Totemic Abstraction Nº 4

  • Size: 46cm x 38.5cm

    Acrylics and pigment on silk paper glued on canvas. NOT framed.

  • Ships From: USA

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  • Shipping Time: usually within 5-7 days*

    *Please add up to 20 business days to shipping if framing is required. The addition time is needed to ensure that your original artwork is framed with quality wooden frames by skilled experts and handled with care.

Shipping: Usually within 5-10 business days*

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Ships From: EU or USA.

Frame Options:

*Framing may add up to 20 business days to shipping time. This is required as your original artwork will b framed in quality wooden frames by skilled craftspeople.

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