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57cm x 76cm



Acrylics, pencill on paper.






This work occurs within a series "The Beauty of Men". Other works from this series can be seen in my gallery and store.



This is one of the artist's friends, who after dancing took a few minutes to rest and relax. The artist used the pose and transposed it into another realm. The figure emerges from a dark sepia back ground and seems to be in deep meditation as he holds his head with his hands and bows in front of an opening, that seems to be a window. It is more like the border to a precipice as there is no frame casing the wall and floor.


What is he doing to do? What is he thinking? The void stands right in front of him and the viewer becomes the figure as he starts wondering about the empty gap that may swallow him at any time. He seems to be evolving in a very reduced, closed space and the only opening and alternative he has is the vacuity ahead.



Signed, referenced and stamped on the back.

A Meditating, Crouching Male


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