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75cm x 75cm



Oil on canvas.






This is part of a series "Put it on peper". Other artwork in this series can be seen in the gallery & store.



This is a still life oil painting on canvas. Color, light and texture play the main role to portray a realistic and sensual scene, where the mauve and blue hues play with texture. The whole scene gives an idea of profusion. The painting marries the sketch of the artwork in some places, its completeness as a whole, although there are some "no Finito" details, such as the hearts of the flowers from which spring the color, the volumes, the shapes of the petals and structure of the whole work. They are like little stars that set the path for the movement and the hues' variations. The repetition of the lines and colors give the impression of a multitude of forms that fill profusely the space with unity, shades, tones and movement becoming almost an abstraction.


The interesting feature about this painting is that it can be seen on any side.



Signed, referenced and stamped on the back.


Recueil de petals (Collection of Petals)


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    Ships From: EU or USA.

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    *Framing may add up to 20 business days to shipping time. This is required as your original artwork will b framed in quality wooden frames by skilled craftspeople.

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