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38cm x 31cm.



Acrylics, pencil, gilded with 22 carat  golden leaf on paper.






This work belongs to the series "In the Red". Other works from this series can be seen in my gallery and store.



This abstract painting, as many others in this art gallery, can be displayed on any side. Many layers of very diluted color have been used to obtain the depth and contrasts of colours in this work. The work is about the irruption of many colorful squares that come to form a box. This is an abstraction and depicts the unwrapping of a gift.


There are three movements of squares that create the motion. The red and golden squares entering the scene from opposite sides. The red squares seem to get in to the stage in profusion, whereas the gold ones, representing the Three wise Kings, seem to  come in calmly, at a slow pace giving the sense of a long, accomplished journey. The third movement comes from the interior of the painting and it springs up towards the viewer.



Signed, referenced and stamped on the back.

Unwrapping the Holiday Season - An Abstraction


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